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L to R - Pedro Medina (guitar), Leslie Roybal, Eliza Gonzalez (behind Laura), Laura Peralta, Antonio Hidalgo, Elisabet Torras.
Christopher Duggan


  • Viva Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana - 5/25/2017 by Bonnie Rosenstock

  • Limón Dance Company Still Growing After All These Years - 5/14/2017 by Bonnie Rosenstock

  • Scottish Ballet's “A Streetcar Named Desire” Complex and Fascinating - 5/11/2017 by Joanna G. Harris

  • Antaeus Dance Gifts Fans with One Last Gem in Joint Production with Travesty Dance Group - 5/10/2017 by Steve Sucato

  • David Gordon's LIVE ARCHIVEOGRAPHY a Delightful trip down Memory Lane - 4/22/2017 by Joanna G. Harris

  • West Coast Swing at The Mercury Cafe
    Robert Abrams


  • West Coast Swing at The Mercury Café in Denver, Colorado - 12/23/2015 by Robert Abrams

  • Seeking Friendship in the Front Range - Salsa in Boulder, Colorado - 11/12/2014 by Joanne Zimbler

  • Seeking Friendship in the Front Range - Hip Hop in Boulder, Colorado - 10/25/2014 by Joanne Zimbler

  • Philadelphia Swing Dance Society Swing Dance - 6/14/2014 by Robert Abrams

  • Dance With Me SoHo Tuesday Night Ballroom Party - 4/22/2014 by Robert Abrams

  • Amateur, enthusiastic folk dancers preparing, waiting or performing for a panel of judges and the audience (friends and relatives included).
    Paul Ross


  • Bulgarian Folk Dance Competition Shows Off Cultural Pride - 5/29/2017 by Judith Fein

  • Concrete Temple Theatre Presents World Premiere of 'Remembering Evangeline', June 1 – 17 - 5/29/2017 by Helene Davis

  • Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance presents the New York Premiere of Book of Clouds, June 7-10 - 5/26/2017 by Michelle Tabnick

  • BALLET HISPANICO School of Dance announces 2017 Summer Programs, June 12 - July 8 - 5/29/2017 by Michelle Tabnick

  • Students in Elizabeth, NJ Dance on the Silk Road with Nai-Ni Chen, May 23 - 5/20/2017 by Michelle Tabnick

  • 3-31-10