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Marianna Hester, left, and Denice Simpson Braga in 'You Never Know' choreographed by Latanya d. Tigner.
Edward Miller


  • Dimensions Dance Theater Dazzles in Kick High, Turn Fast: Celebrating 45 Years Of Dance - 4/14/2018 by Joanna G. Harris

  • L.A. Dance Project Program Reinvigorates Age Old Stories - 4/13/2018 by Jessica Abrams

  • Peridance Contemporary Dance Company and Mozart: A Classical Pairing - 3/29/2018 by Bonnie Rosenstock

  • Clairobscur's Supremacy Ride Revels in Contrasts - 3/29/2018 by Jessica Abrams

  • GroundWorks DanceTheater’s Program a Triumph for Company and Two Retiring Dancers - 4/2/2018 by Steve Sucato

  • West Coast Swing at The Mercury Cafe
    Robert Abrams


  • West Coast Swing at The Mercury Café in Denver, Colorado - 12/23/2015 by Robert Abrams

  • Seeking Friendship in the Front Range - Salsa in Boulder, Colorado - 11/12/2014 by Joanne Zimbler

  • Seeking Friendship in the Front Range - Hip Hop in Boulder, Colorado - 10/25/2014 by Joanne Zimbler

  • Philadelphia Swing Dance Society Swing Dance - 6/14/2014 by Robert Abrams

  • Dance With Me SoHo Tuesday Night Ballroom Party - 4/22/2014 by Robert Abrams

  • Photographer Unknown


  • Documentary "La Chana" Celebrates the Eternal Spirit - 4/18/2018 by Jessica Abrams

  • Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance presents Soundings, May 16-18 - 4/20/2018 by Michelle Tabnick

  • Akron Civic Theatre to host its first ever drag show in support of Akron Pride Festival - 4/18/2018 by David Robinson, Jr.

  • With Worx Staycee Pearl dance project brings the Nostalgia and the Funk - 4/16/2018 by Steve Sucato

  • Beef & Boards 'Singin’ in the Rain' a Splashing Good Time - 4/16/2018 by Rita Kohn

  • 3-31-10